Like to play pinochle?  So do we!  Come join us and play while we socialize and have a great time.

Enjoy country music and dancing in central locations.

Feel like getting out for a little while?  Come over and join us for some music!  Grab a drink and maybe dance a bit!

It will get you out of the house.

We have been doing this for years.  Here are some of our past venues and parties.  We keep growing so check out our photos.

Past Venues

Here are some of our favorite photos!  If you have photos taken at our parties feel free to submit them!

Party Photos

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Play Pinochle 

If you are interested in a place to party, call us to book one of our venues today!  We have both large and small places.

Meet with others and have fun.  Get out and do things like  dancing, play pinochle.  Feel young with us!